Extra Things That Gives Your Trip That Extra Thing!

Shuttle Service

We do offer a shuttle service in the airport area. We can pick you up, either from the airport itself or at your hotel, if you are staying in the airport area.

The fee is a flat fee per shuttle service.

Kitchen Kit

We offer you all the kitchen utensils that you need for your travels here in Iceland. Skip the hassle of buying plastic forks, knifes etc and get all the kitchen utensils you need delivered at pick up.
Included in the kitchen kit are Cups, Glasses, Plates, Bowls, Forks, Knifes, Spoons, Cooking Pan, Coffee Press, Pots, Kettle and more!

The fee is a per day charge.

Cleaning Kit

With the Cleaning Kit you have all that you need to keep your motorhome nice and tidy during your trip in Iceland. Included in the kit are 5 Porta Pak tablets for the toilet, a dishwashing liquid, a broom and a shovel and at last but not least a rag and a dish towel. All that you need for a clean trip around the island.

The fee is a flat fee per cleaning kit.

Bed Linen Set

One thing we do not want to drag along in our suitcase is our bed linen. So when you are staying in one of our motorhomes you can rent a bed linen for you and your fellow travellers.
The bed linen package consists of 1 pillow, 1 pillow case, 1 duvet and 1 cover for the duvet. Your bed linen is delivered to you at pick up ready to keep you warm!

The fee is a flat fee per person per rental.

Towel Set

After a long day that you had while exploring the beauty of Iceland, there is no better feeling then a good warm shower. We offer you to rent a towel set from us that includes one bath towel and one hand towel.

The price is a flat fee per person per rental.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Who wants to come to Iceland and not be able to brag about it? Cruise through the vast nature of Iceland with a reliable mobile Wi-Fi from Iceland’s leading internet providers and make sure you are able to post pictures on Instagram, Facetime your friends, send snapchats and brag as much as you want wherever you go!
Is there a better place to make a Instagram story then in Iceland?

The fee is a per day charge.

Garmin GPS

Although navigating in Iceland is generally a straight forward task, having GPS will take care of you and make sure you neither get lost or end up in a power-struggle with your back-seat drivers.

Our satellite navigation systems are simple to use and up to date with the most recent Icelandic map releases from our supplier.

The fee is a per day charge.

Extra Driver

The standard rental agreement is set for one driver only. However, you can add additional drivers to the rental, this will give any added driver the same contractual rights and obligations as well as insurance coverage as per contract.
Each additional driver must fulfill the same requirements as the renter/driver, i.e. be at least 20 years old and have held a license to drive for at least one year. Incidents involving uncontracted drivers are under no circumstances covered by any insurance.
Simply enter the number of additional drivers in the field and the extra driver fee is automatically added to the rental. Please register all drivers and their valid drivers license ID. This will save you time when picking up your vehicle. Failing to supply driver details will result in a €10 handling fee.

The extra driver fee is a per day charge, per extra driver.

Baby Seat

We offer certified and safety approved baby seats that are suitable for children from 1-5 years old.

The fee is a per day charge.

Prepaid Fuel Tank

Save yourself the hassle of having to refill the fuel tank before drop off with this brand new addition to our extras. With the prepaid fuel tank you can skip the gas station meeting on your last day and return the car with any amount of fuel you wish.

The fee varies between types.

Extra Propane Gas Tank

In your rental with Geysir Motorhome you have on 10kg tank of propane gas included. The propane gas is used to heat the car, heat the water, cook your meals and cool the freezer. So basically the Propane Gas Tank is you Most Valuable Player. With us you can buy an extra Propane Gas tank and save you the hassle of having to go to the gas station and buy a refill, at least for a couple of days.

The fee is a flat fee per propane tank.

Camping Set

Being in a motorhome is a party but why not take the party outside? Included in the Camping Set is one folded camping table and as many camping chairs as you need for your party. Both the table and the chairs fold easily and can be fitted well within your luggage department. Let’s have an outdoor party!

The fee is a flat fee per rental.

Prepaid cleaning

Our policy is that you get the car clean, both on the inside and the outside, and you have to return it clean, both on the inside and outside. If you fail to do so there is a penalty fee of 22.000 ISK. However we offer a way to skip that part. Let’s face it, after travelling our remote Island and having the time of your life no ones is enthusiastic about cleaning up the mess. With our prepaid cleaning fee we offer you to return the Camper dirty and we will take care of the rest for you.

The fee is a one time fee.

Out Of Operation Hours Drop Off

Do you have an early flight home? Feel free to use our Out Of Operation Hours Drop Off option. Our main office is located at the Keflavík Airport area where we have a drop-off box in the lobby where you can drop your car off 24/7.

The fee for the service is a one time fee.